To avoid such mistakes there exist so called git hooks.
You have to implement a git hook to check commit message before the commit.
Go to .git/hooks folder in repository.
There is a file called „commit.msg.sample“ .
Remove „sample“ in the file name.
place shell script in file „commit.msg“ which checks the commit message.

Repeatedly forgot to mention issue number of ticket in commit message

I repeatedly forgot to mention the ticket number of the corresponding gitlab issue in my commit messages. This is a Problem because it makes a tracing of the issues impossible.

gitignore is very important in many aspects, we also put in some local config files which pointed to some needed data files for the application (linux vs windows have different path seperators for example) to avoid rewriting after every pull the gitignore can be very helpful as long as you remember to forcefully commit a real change



Git merge failed\conflicts

While working on a university course in my bachelor studies I came across the difficulty of using Git for group projects. It seemed that with every push there were conflicts to be resolved and merging was not easy. A great solution for anyone, who does not have a lot of experience with Git is using a Git Client (such as GitKraken). Using a client provides a better overview of what is being merged and resolving conflicts is much easier.

Another tool which you could use is GitHub Desktop. The application has a better user experience and user interface over SourceTree. The layout of the GitHub Desktop application is simple and straightforward with an uncluttered interface, making it perfect for the beginner, though still including more powerful options for the advanced developer.

Thanks for sharing! One more useful feature this tool provides is detailed branching diagrams. It helps to understand the progress of the team faster. Might be helpful for beginners to learn the branching idea of git as well.


One such tool is SourceTree, a free Git client for Windows or Mac. It provides an nice visual interface between you and Git, no more command line!

Manage your GIT accounts with a userfirendly app

If you're working with Git in development, then you've probably seen a lot of command line. While using the command line is a simple and effective way of working, there are some much better tools out there to make working with Git easy.


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