How to use Google Advanced Search?

Everyone of use knows Google. It would be pretty surprisingly if somebody did not. When you first go to, you don't see much. It looks like a very simple search engine. In actuality it is, but it can be used for much more. You most probably have any idea how to use it for finding the exact information. There are some tricks which I will show you in my solution part. In the right down corner, there are three links: - Advanced Search, - Preferences, - Language Search. We will work mostly with them.
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Using Adblocks


In fact I don’t know if Firefox was the first browser to support adblockers, But I know Firefox is what made adblocking popular.If you are a Firefox user and you want to block ads, look no further than AdBlock Plus. AdBlock Plus is a no-hassle, install-and-go adblocker add-on for Firefox. Really the only sort of “setup” you need to do with AdBlock Plus is select the adblocking filter you want to use. These filters are, more or less, a definitions list telling AdBlock Plus which ads to block

You need to select one of the filters to use unless you know what you are doing, just leave it at “EasyList” and click “Add subscription”. After the initial installation you can select to use more than one filter
(“Tools” -> “AdBlock Plus Preferences…” -> “Filters” -> “Add Filter Subscription…”)
Although AdBlock Plus blocks most ads on its own, if AdBlock Plus ever misses an ad you can right-click on the ad and select “AdBlock Plus: Block image”this will allow you to create a custom filter blocking that ad and ads similar to it:

Other useful features of AdBlock Plus are
• The ability to disable AdBlock Plus on specific websites . This can be done via the AdBlock Plus button:
• Adblocking is not a perfect science there will be false positives. AdBlock Plus makes it fairly easy to unblock images when these false positives do occur. This can be done by clicking the AdBlock Plus button, right-clicking the false positive, and disabling the corresponding filter

Internet Explorer

Block ads on Internet Explorer is a bit more complicated than Firefox because Internet Explore has no AdBlock Plus-like plugin. That is not to say Internet Explorer does not have adblocking plugins, but rather there is nothing for free as good as AdBlock Plus .

IE7Pro is a plugin for Internet Explorer (works on IE 6/7/8 – not just IE 7) that adds a boatload of useful features to Internet Explorer. One of the features IE7Pro adds is an adblocker. This adblocker, however, is not enabled by default after installing IE7Pro – users have to manually enable it after installation. (Be warned during the installation of IE7Pro you are prompted with – drum roll please – an ad for installing a third party program; don’t accidentally install that third party program if you don’t want it.):
After the adblocker module has been enabled, you still need to enable the Flash blocker (to block Flash ads). To do this, go to “Preferences” again, click on “Ad Blocker” and enable Flash blocker.You have the ability to modify filters, add your own filters, and whitelist websites.


Blocking ads in Chrome is just as easy as blocking ads in Firefox. In fact, AdBlock is easier to setup than AdBlock Plus; with AdBlock you do not need to select which filter’s list to subscribe to – AdBlock automatically uses AdBlock’s own filters and AdBlock Plus EasyList. So, to use AdBlock all you need to do is install it.
Most other features present in AdBlock Plus are in AdBlock:
• Users can exclude sites from being blocked (press Ctrl + Shift + L when surfing the website you want to exclude):
• Users can manually block an ad AdBlock missed (press Ctrl + Shift + K when surfing the website with the ad you want to block)
• Users can manually change which filters are being used:
Unfortunately AdBlock does not have an easy way to remove false positives like AdBlock Plus. Also, whereas AdBlock Plus fully stopped ads from being downloaded, because of the restrictions of Chrome, some ads are blocked by AdBlock after they have been downloaded as opposed to being blocked from being downloaded.


The plugin Safari Adblock to block all commercial content on websites. You can download this plugin for free.

You can just download the installer, install the plug-in, and then restart Safari. The webpages you visit will automatically be cleansed of flashy banners. Not of the all textual ads disappear

How to use Google Advanced Search?

- Advanced Search - If you press "Advanced Search", a page comes up with many different options.
In the box labeled "All these words" is your standard search box like the one on the front page.
The box "this exact wording or phrase" doesn't contain words in the middle of a sentence. It will surround the words with quotes "". For example, if you type in "wikiHow is Awesome" in the this exact wording or phrase box, the search won't include a page with "Is wikiHow useful? Many people asked do think it is useful and awesome" but will include "wikiHow is Awesome. This is why I think so."

- The "one or more of these words" box let's you look up something or something else instead but it won't find the two search terms together. For instance, you could search with the box "Chicken OR Gravy" the search would include pages about chicken and others about gravy.

- The next box is the "unwanted words" box. This box lets you not include certain words in your search. This box puts a - before the word. For example, if you search for "Bass" as in the fish, you could type in "Bass -Sing" to find pages that have Bass in them and not about singing.

- Below the boxes, you can choose how many results you want in your search in the drop down box "Results per Page"
"Language" which lets you choose which language you want the search results to be. This option isn't very necessary. If you search a English word, then you will probably get English. The same with "File Type", "Region" and "Last Update"