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TechScreen is a project supporting user and organizations to share knowledge in Internet-related technologies. The project considers explicit knowledge publishable on a knowledge server as well as implicit knowledge owned by the users. Thus, if knowledge is searched the explicit knowledge on the server as well as the knowledge of its users is considered. Knowledge resources are indexed by expert ontologies, automatic indexing techniques and tagging by users.

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The Groups wiki, blog, calendar, and mailing list archive make it easy for teams to create and distribute information through their own shared websites. Distribute files, publish podcasts, and share calendars right from your web browser, naturally, using formatting and commands you already know.

Publish your own blog, with drag-and-drop ease, using the built-in professional templates. Keep your colleagues up-to-date with projects, the files you’re working on, and pictures or podcasts. Your searchable blog is the perfect place to store information for your team, or just for your own reference.