k -Node Minimum Spanning Tree

Formulate the k -MST problem as (mixed) integer linear programs (MILPs), based on: 1- Miller-Tucker-Zemlin subtour elimination constraints (MTZ) 2- single commodity flows (SCF) 3- multi commodity flows (MCF)
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Formulate the k -MST problem

To Solve the corresponding formulations as (mixed) integer linear
programs based on Miller-Tucker-Zemlin subtour elimination constraints, single commodity flows and multi commodity flows with the CPLEX solver, which we can get an account for ADS servers ,than we can work on our own computer and get CPLEX from our ADS servers.

Information about ADS servers, CPLEX, etc.: https://www.ads.tuwien.ac.at/w/Students.

The CPLEX is Simplex method and C programming language with High performance solver for linear programs, (mixed) integer programs and quadratic programs.