Synchronizing Data (Lotus Notes, Adressbook, Calendar) to Nokia mobile phones

Hardware Issues: To accomplish this a usb-bluetooth adapter has been set up and installed on the desktop station. Software Issues: The software dealing with the data transfer, as well as with the synchronisation is the Nokia PC Suite. It's a free software which can be downloaded on the nokia software download side of your country. The install of the software on each personel computers worked fine, but the bluetooth connection to the mobile phone could not be established for domain users. Setting up a connection only worked for local users as well as domain administrators.
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Copying local configuration files to network

Due to the fact that all domain users have a directory-redirection of (the folder) application data to a network location, Nokia PC Suite was not able to write the configuration data to this network directory. Though the user had all necessary rights to do this, it seems to be a problem of the software dealing with network ressources.

Copying the configuration files (Folder 'Nokia', 'PC Suite' from application data) from a local user installation to the application data folder on the network ressource solves the problem.