Transfer contacts from Nokia Phone (Symbian) to Google Phone (Android)

In the company I worked, I used Windows, Outllok and Nokia Phone N97mini. During that time I managed all my contacts at my company phone, which was used as private phone too. There is the standard tool from Nokia to synchronize contacts between Windows Outlook and the phone, called "PC Suite". In fact with PC suite there is much more possible, e.g. writing SMS messages on the PC (which is much more convinient). Unfortunately there is no such tool for the Android driven Google phone, so one cannot easily transfer the contacts stored in outlook to Android. Additionally my private computer runs with Linux, while the company computer is Windows driven. I want to transfer the contacts from my Nokia Phone to the Android-phone (Google Nexus).
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Use GMail account for syncronization

One possibility to synchronize the contacts is to use a google mail account. This works because GMail is able to import contacts exported by outlook as comma separated file. When using the Nexus Phone one typically uses a GMail account anyway, so this is a natural way to do it.
Follow these steps:

  • Create a gmail account.
  • In outlook choose the menu entry file->import/export->export.
  • Choose Comma separated values, then Contacts.
  • Save your contacts as comma separated file.
  • On GMail go to Contacts and choose from button More the entry import contacts.
  • Choose the file you just exported and push Import.
  • Thats it, more or less. As the Google Nexus will synchronize all mails and contacts with your google account automatically (of course it has to be set up accordingly) the contacts will appear at the phone after a short time. Additionally it shall be mentioned that Google has a great tool to find duplicate contact-entries or to merge contacts.