Using RDF(S) without XML.

RDF can be written in some ways: A RDF triple could be represented through a RDF graph, through FOL expressions like P(X,Y), or - most common used for web development - through XML. There are some good RDF/XML parsers for the most common web development languages like Perl or Python. But is there another way of writing RDF, which is supported by a parser for programming/script languages?
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use OWL Functional Syntax

Also OWL functional syntax can be used which is described here (

Turtle - Terse RDF Triple language

Turtle is a textual syntax for RDF which is highly supported. Instead of using XML you could write expressions like
example:myClass a RDF:Class; RDF:subClass example:myParentClass".

This is a very natural way of writing RDF triples. The language specification could be found at .

There exists a turtle parser for the most common web development programming laguages, which could be found at