Installing an SSD + Fusion Drive into my MAC

I want to install a second hard drive in place of the optical drive and use the fusion drive technique . The operating system automatically manages the contents of the drive so the most frequently accessed files, applications, documents, photos and other data are stored on the faster flash storage, while infrequently used items move to or stay on the hard drive.
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How to install a second hard drive

first you have to buy an ssd with the kit, for example on amazon.
than backup your whole system.

open your mac
remove the optical drive (remove some cables from the logic board and some screws)
put the ssd in the kit
install the ssd in place of the optical drive
the other way round you removed the optical drive

start the mac with an external drive
press the ALT button
open the disc utility and delete the partitions -> all data will be deleted!
start the terminal
put in:
“diskutil list” -> identify the names of the hard drives (mostly “disk0′′ “disk1′′....)
“diskutil coreStorage create FusionDrive disk0 disk1“
“diskutil coreStorage list” -> look at the UUID (mostly “610F8C1C- 3E64-4C52-B4C6-84AB8F3AED12′′)
“diskutil coreStorage createVolume 610F8C1C- 3E64-4C52-B4C6-84AB8F3AED12 jhfs+ MacintoshFD 100%“ -> create the hard drive
close the terminal

restore the backup