Capture of screen and audio

At the university there is frequent opportunity to present visual and audio content. It is desirably to have some means to capture this content for later reusal, like offering this content to the right peple via some media web content management system. What would be a non-invasive solution for this, ie. without modifying the presenter system ?
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Use a capture dongle and software to capture audivisual content

There is a variety of capture cards available, ranging from 20Euro to 2.000 Euro. You have to make a possibly hard choice, according to your requirements on capture: accepted resolution range, accepted frequency range, (hw/sw)compression, scaler functionality, reliability.

These cards operate together with some software specifically designed to capture the content (video/audio). Aside from commercial solutions (like AdobeFlashMediaLiveEncoder), there are non-comercial solutions, which require some manual hands-on to make them work according to wishes.

Here is an examplary setup of such a solution:

  • Capture hardware: Epiphan VGA2USB LR; Laptop to connect Audio input and USB capture card
  • Capture software: Matterhorn Capture Agent (is also able to record according to schedules)
  • Distribution software: Matterhorn Server (will automatically process and distribute the content)
  • Though it might take some time to get the whole system running it might also show worth while. And, since this is a requirement, the presenter system is not modified.