Slow response rate

Problem 3: Slow response rate I’m sure this happens to all of us when our internet gets so slow that we get time out error. Really annoying! But I looked it up and this solution saved me.
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Solution for bring up the speed

Solution: The best methods to fix slow response rate of your internet connection are to:
1. Clear browser cache and history
2. Reset your router
3. Unplug and re-plug your internet connection device.
4. Free up some RAM so that more of it is available for internet use.
5. Reduce the number of simultaneously open tabs in your browser.

Slow internet response time

some more options:

Test response time of your connection.
On Windows you can use ping

  • press windows key + R
  • enter "cmd" (without "") and press Enter
  • command window opens
  • enter "ping -t" (without "")
  • look if the time=xx values are constant

Test during different daytimes, some connections are overloaded in the morning or evening.

Contact your Internet Service Provider and ask for a test site (e.g., but ISPs often provide own solutions, to test the speed within there network.)
Do not hesitate to contact them, especially consumer ISPs do not monitor there connections proactive for service decreases (only failures). If you call them, they'll have a closer look and might find a bad link.
If you are sure the problem is not on your site, contact them more frequently if they provide no proper solution.

If you are connected through WLAN, make sure this is not the bottle neck. Real bandwidth is often much lower than theoretical bandwidth. WLAN uses a shared media (air) so if there are more clients connected bandwidth and response time can decrease.