Web browsing on a PC is not as comfortable as on a Tablet

The introduction of Tablets has added new possiblities of how to browse through the web. Using a touch interface you can easily extend the user interface with intuitive gestures like panning or swipping. Why don't we have gestures on a common non-touch PC?
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Use Gestures to speed up web browsing on a PC

Some browsers e.g. Firefox and Chrome have extensions that support the use of gestures. These can be triggered with the right mouse key and are visualized with a tracking line.

The simplest but also most effective use is swipping left for go back one page, and swipping right for go forward one page. Swipping up and down can trigger Page down and Page up respectively. Now scrolling feels similiar like on a Tablet, of course not so smooth but way faster than with mouse scrolling. You can switch between the tabs with Up+Left or Right respectively. Tabs can be fast closed with Down+Left. Create a new tab with Right+Up.

You can build any gestures you want for a lot of supported functionality. You don't have to go the tabbar or menu and back anymore and this will speed up browsing for sure.