EPM Registry Initialization Fails

The EPM Registry initialization fails in the BIDomain domain. Oracle Fusion General Ledger and Oracle Fusion Customer Relationship Management (CRM) code running within the FinancialsDomain and CRMDomain domains, respectively, has direct integration with the EPM Registry API and consumes EPM Security Component, which also tightly integrates with the EPM Registry API. When EPM Registry initialization fails, it greatly impacts communication with downstream EPM products in the BI domain.
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Login to Oracle WebLogic and follow the steps

To resolve this problem:

1. Login to Oracle WebLogic Server Console as the Oracle WebLogic Server administrative user.

2. From Domain Structure portlet, navigate to Services > Data Sources and select EPMSystemRegistry Datasource from the available list of data sources.

3. Click on the Connection Pool tab and confirm that the correct information is available for URL property.

4. Click on the Targets tab and confirm that the data source is targeted to all of the required Oracle WebLogic Servers and clusters running in the Financials domain.

5. Click on the Monitoring tab and confirm that the data source for all of the targeted Oracle WebLogic Servers and clusters is in Running state. Optionally, try clicking Test Data Source button to test the data source for a given server.

6. If, in Step 5, the data source was not in the Running state, click the Control tab and attempt to start the data source using the Start button.

If any errors were encountered during Step 5 or 6, consider restarting the Oracle WebLogic Server domain.