Understanding the YouTube partners and their data: Measurement and analysis

TitleUnderstanding the YouTube partners and their data: Measurement and analysis
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsCheng X, Mehrdad F, Ma X, Zhang C
Secondary AuthorsLiu J
JournalChina Communications
Start Page26
Date Published12/2014

User generated content, e.g., from YouTube, the most popular online video sharing site, is one of the major sources of today's big data and it is crucial to understand their inherent characteristics. Recently, YouTube has started working with content providers (known as YouTube partners) to promote the users' watching and sharing activities. The substantial benefit is to further augment its service and monetize more videos, which is crucial to both YouTube and its partners, as well as to other providers of relevant services. In this paper, our main contribution is to analyze the massive amounts of video data from a YouTube partner's view. We make effective use of Insight, a new analytics service of YouTube that offers simple data analysis for partners. To provide the practical guidance from the raw Insight data, we enable more complex investigations for the inherent features that affect the popularity of the videos. Our findings facilitate YouTube partners to re-design current video publishing strategies, having more opportunities to attract more views.

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