How to download a torrent remotely

Sometimes you are at work or university and you want to download a torrent file so it will be ready when you get back home.
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no-ip free dns

First of all you need a simple torrent client running in a Linux machine.
For the propose of this tutorial we are gonna use Transmission.

To install Transmission:
apt-get install transmission-daemon

after installation, Transmission is running on port 9091. To access to Interface, type on the browser your IP address and Transmission port: 192.168.*.*:9091

You might need to configure user and password. Configuration parameters are in file: /etc/transmission-daemon/settings.json.
Please stop the application before changing any config values: /etc/init.d/transmission-daemon stop and start it again after you are done: /etc/init.d/transmission-daemon start

To achieve worldwide access for your machine we are gonna use a free service called no-ip. Free account can be created here:

To install and configure noip in your computer, download the tar file to the directory, from with: wget

Unzip the files and once in the unziped folder, make the program with make and then make install
After complete installation, login to to confirm the client carried out it's first update.

Last and most important step is to configure the port-forwarding in your router. The basic idea is that you type something like this in the browser and you can access to your torrent application from anywhere.
As every router is different, have a look here if you need support in this configuration: