Installing and Using a Version Control System

One of the best known version control systems is CVS. Subversion is a successor system and it should be used due to some improvements (see <a href="">Wikipedia entry</a>)
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Installing Subversion on Mac OS X Server

I have first installed Fink a programm of the Fink project that enables the easy deployment of unix-based open source software on a Mac OS X Server ( Then with Fink I downloaded a SVN server. A good description can be found at oReilly blog ( I created as admin the SVNRepository in the root directory and defined one user "jdorn" with a password in the file passwd.
With "sudo -u www /sw/bin/svnserve -d -r /SVNRepository" I have started the SVN server.

I have downloaded svnx from the apple download side as a client.
SVN uses port 3690 and I added the port in the router software.
Now the server can be accessed at svn://