Large files can't be downloaded via asp on IIS 6.0

<p>There is an existing application based on asp-pages running on IIS 6.0. In this application exists an asp routine which controls if an user has the permissions to download this file. If the user has the permission it will start the download. Else it will display an error message. The routine worked properly for a long eriod of time.</p><p>&nbsp;Now files have been added which were larger. These new files can't be downloaded. The download starts and but does not finish. It aborts while downloading.</p><p>&nbsp;It has to be possible to download files regardless of the filesize.</p>
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Modify the source code

There is an option AspBufferingLimit in IIS. This option is used to limit the maximum size. But the maximum size of the buffer was even higher than the size of the files which caused the problem. Therefore this setting can't be the cause of the problem.  Finally I decided to change the asp routine. Instead of sending the file in one buffered part, the routine sends the file in a couple of smaller parts. The behaviour of the system is exactly the same for the user but the download of files works independent of the filesize.