Avoid clicking on ads in Android Application

I have created an Android Application and I am displaying ads using Google AdSense. As it is not allowed to click on your own ads in order to avoid misuse, I am worried of accidentally clicking on the ads while testing and debugging my application. I thought about not showing ads during development, however I think that it is easier to develop with ads as they give me a better feeling for the structure of the application and allows me to position the elements on the display precisely so that they do not interfer with the ads. Is there any way to display ads while disabling that the user can click on them?
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Use test ads in Android Application

What you are looking for are test ads. When you are using AdSense, you received a personal code that refers to your account. If somebody clicks on one of your ads, you receive the payment. Thus, in order to avoid this functionality, a test ad can be used that does not forward the action to your own account. Just replace the unit id of your ad that you have specified in the code with the following id: ca-app-pub-3940256099942544/6300978111. You will then see test ads in the correct size, but you cannot click on them.