Updated version of Android App rejected

I have created an Android Application with Android Studio and I successfully managed to upload the .apk file to the Google Play Store. Recently I received a message over the Developer Console of one user reporting a crash. After investigating and fixing the cause, I would like to update the .apk file that is online and roll out a request for all users to update their application in order to prevent others from getting the same error. I have already changed the versionCode to 2 and the versionName to "1.1" in the Android Manifest file, however the Play Store still rejects my file when I try to upload it saying that the version of the new file must not be identical to the already uploaded file. Did I oversee something or is there a problem with the Play Store?
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Correctly change version code and name of Android Application

When you create your project with Android Studio, most of the files and settings are automatically created for you. You may therefore have missed that there is another file containing a versionCode and versionName, additional to the Manifest file. In your project directory, you will find a gradle file "app.gradle" that contains all the dependencies of your application. Further, in the defaultConfig section, you will see that there is a versionCode and a versionName that is probably identical to the code and name of your previous uploaded .apk file. Change these parameters and you are good to go for rolling out your file! The Play Store automatically notifies all the users of the old version about the changes and updates your product.