Multiply times the same output in visual studio console

Whenever i write some test messages to the console by using System.Diagnostics.Debug.Writeline("testmessage") I have the problem that the message is shown multiple times. I don't know why but maybe this happens because of the internal android console?!?? I am working with Xamarin in Visual Studio and develop an Android app.
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Preventing multiply output lines in Xamarin for Visual Studio on Android developement

I have used an very easy solution for this problem.
Whenever I need to do some output to the console (hint: you should only do this for you own purpose, later on you should Logging with respective logging levels in you app!) I do it the following way:

In the "App" class i have created a new method called "WriteLine" and there I use a dependency service call to execute some native java code on the android device:

public static void WriteLine(String line)

If you need help for using the DependencyService please look into further tutorials on that!
In the Implementation of the interface IOutput you just need the following code:

public void WriteLine(string line)

Like this you use the java "Console" class and you get the output at least one time less.