Dehaze module not visible in Lightroom 6

Having the latest pc version of Lightroom 6 installed and updated it to 6.6, the announced "Dehaze module" cannot be found. Since this is a popular way to improve photos with a lot of haze in it some way to integrate this function would be great.
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Integrating Dehaze module with Presets

The popular Dehaze Function is released to the Creative Cloud Version, Lightroom CC. Since Lightroom 6 is the standalone version, new features in minor releases are shipped only with the next standalone major release Ligthroom 7.
When receiving minor release updates for Lightroom 6, the sources are installed anyway when updating to the latest minor release but the user interface does not offer the dehaze module.
To use this function anyway, follow these steps by integrating Dehaze not as a module but as custom presets defined in your installation:

  • Open and click Download for free
  • Add the product to cart and provide a email address (real or fake)
  • After downloading the presets, extract the Prolost Dehaze file.
  • Navigate to the folder +L 30 Dehaze
  • Now open Lightroom
  • Open Preferences in Lightroom
  • Click on Presets tab
  • Click Show Lightroom Presets Folder...
  • Now drag the Folder +L 30 Dehaze from the extracted Prolost Dehaze v1.2 directory into the Presets folder of Lightroom
  • After restarting Lightroom, go to the develop module. You can now use the predefined Dehaze options as presets in Lightroom 6