Synchronize web browser bookmarks

<p>Since there are several different web browsers on the market, the need may arise to synchronize ones bookmarks throughout the different browsers, without having to do so manually. The question is, how to do this in an easy and clean way, so that even beginners can handle the task.</p>
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If you only want to synchronise between IE and Firefox on one computer you can use a Firefox plugin called PlainOldFavorites.

    With this plugin installed you can use the normal IE/Windows favorites from within Firefox.


    Online bookmark management

    Use a service like google bookmarks or delicous to manage and store the bookmarks online. they offer a bookmarklet for your web browsers to have easy access for storing and retrieving your bookmarks.This is not as clean as an browser-integrated solution, but it works.


    xmarks for online bookmark synchronization

    Xmarks ( enables bookmark synchronization for different web browsers. Once it is installed, it makes backups of and synchronizes the users bookmarks. It is accessible through the web, so that bookmarks can be used and managed from everywhere, without the need to be at your home pc.