Case-Based Sequential Ordering of Songs for Playlist Recommendation

TitleCase-Based Sequential Ordering of Songs for Playlist Recommendation
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2006
Conference NameEuropean Conference on Case-Based Reasoning
ISBN Number978-3-540-36846-5

We present a CBR approach to musical playlist recommendation. A good playlist is not merely a bunch of songs, but a selected collection of songs, arranged in a meaningful sequence, e.g. a good DJ creates good playlists. Our CBR approach focuses on recommending new and meaningful playlists, i.e. selecting a collection of songs that are arranged in a meaningful sequence. In the proposed approach, the Case Base is formed by a large collection of playlists, previously compiled by human listeners. The CBR system first retrieves from the Case Base the most relevant playlists, then combines them to generate a new playlist, both relevant to the input song and meaningfully ordered. Some experiments with different trade-offs between the diversity and the popularity of songs in playlists are analysed and discussed.