Supporting Software Reuse by the Individual Programmer

TitleSupporting Software Reuse by the Individual Programmer
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsHsieh M-S, Tempero E
Conference LocationHobart, Tasmania, Australia
KeywordsCase-based Reasoning, Code Reuse, Tool Support

Despite its long history and its benefits, software reuse has yet to become
a common practise among software programmers. While there is much
ongoing research, it focuses on large-scale organisation-level techniques
and methodologies. There is very little research that considers reuse at
the personal level as an important factor. The lack of focus and tool support
has limited the potential for developers to reuse their past efforts.
This paper introduces ICRT (Individual Code Reuse Tool), which provides
support for an individual to efficiently reuse code fragments written
in the past. ICRT uses the CBR methodology to manage the code
fragments, and is integrated with the Eclipse IDE.