Selection and Reuse of Software Design Patterns Using CBR and WordNet

TitleSelection and Reuse of Software Design Patterns Using CBR and WordNet
Publication TypeWeb Article
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsGomes P, Pereira FC, Paiva P, Seco N, Carreiro P, Bento C, Ferreira JL

Software engineers and programmers deal with repeated
problems and situations in the course of software design.
This lead to the development of software design patterns,
which can be defined as a description of an abstract solution
for abstract design problems. Existing approaches
to pattern application using computer tools, need the help
and guidance of a human designer to select which design
pattern to apply. The automation of this task opens the possibility
of CASE design tools providing complete automation
for the application of design patterns, and the offering
new functionalities that can help the software designer to
improve systems, and do better software reuse. In this paper
we present an approach that automates design pattern
selection and application. This approach is based on CaseBased
Reasoning and WordNet, showing how they are combined
to generate evolved software design diagrams. We
also present an experimental study of our approach.