Case-based reasoning for improved micromanagement in real-time strategy games

TitleCase-based reasoning for improved micromanagement in real-time strategy games
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsSzczepaƄski T, Aamodt A
KeywordsCase-based Reasoning, micromanagement, real-time strategy games

Real-time strategy (RTS) gameplay can be divided into
macromanagement and micromanagement. Other researches have employed
Case-based reasoning (CBR) and case-based planning in real-time strategy
games that have beaten static scripted computer opponents. Unlike much of the
previous work where CBR and case-based planning is used to improve the
macromanagement in RTS games, we present a CBR system that can be used to
improve the micromanagement quality in RTS games. We explore various ways
of case matching mechanisms suited for a micromanagement environment. By
managing to beat a hard-coded computer opponent we conclude that our
approach can be used to aid human players against computer opponents and
increase the quality of the micromanagement of a computer player. Our
experiments have been conducted within the Warcraft 3 gaming environment.