Create Colorblind Friendly Homepage

A kollegue of mine was born with colorblindness. He struggles to differenciate between red and green. Quite often he tendet to criticise my homepages and app-layouts that he couldn't see the difference between an green status point and red error status point. After studying this matter, how to make layouts more user friendly I discovered several pages, where colors can be compared whether they are distiguishable or not: (e.g.,bg=E43333) A study reveald that 8% of men tend to have this disability: therfore I'd really consider, to design UI in a color friendly way.


I never thought about this, and I think accessible websites are hard to make, since you have to care of so much tiny things. Also every web designer should be aware of this.
Andre Bernecker - Thu, 12/06/2018 - 16:02 :::
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