Installing Maven

For installing Maven on mac Os or any other operating system you have to first download maven from its website then put the unzip folder in any address you want on your machine then we have to set 2 system variables for it: the first one is PATH, and the another one is HOME. Then you can check from terminal if it is installed fault free. You can check it via this command on Terminal: mvn --version the the problem reveals when you restart the Terminal! the command does not work. It is like you never had installed Maven on your machine.



I think this is already mentioned in the official installation instructions. Setting PATH and HOME variables is basically standard whether you install maven, java, etc. Still, when doing this for the first time you might be happy to read this explanation.
Klaus Nigsch - Sun, 11/25/2018 - 12:27 :::
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There is only one universal solution for all the third party libraries in MAC OS, and it's called BREW! :) Check it out. Everything that you can think of is installed by one liner. This is a way you would install it everywhere else (any other linux, windows etc), and is already deprecated if you transfer to mac. From your article, I can conclude that you are a serious and competent developer if you use maven, but also that you are a relatively new to Mac OS. There must be some friends in your circle who are long time Mac OS users, ask them for an advice. Mac OS has some amazing features that you cannot really learn about alone. They concentrate on making your life easier, which is not the case with other operating systems.


I find it funny how i somehow always fordet to add the home and path variables when installing programes. Or when I do it then I manage to mess it up with the right path or / symbols.
However, good answer - would help to those who are beginners in this job.

Ajla Kasic - Tue, 12/18/2018 - 03:51 :::