A SOA-BPM-Based Architecture for Intelligent Power Dispatching System

TitleA SOA-BPM-Based Architecture for Intelligent Power Dispatching System
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsLiang Z, Minhui G, Xiaoliang B, Shudong C
Conference Name2010 Asia-Pacific Power and Energy Engineering Conference
Date Published04/2017
Conference LocationChengdu, China
ISBN Number978-1-4244-4812-8
Other NumbersPrint ISSN: 2157-4839,Electronic ISSN: 2157-4847
KeywordsBusiness communication, Dispatching, Hardware, Intelligent systems, Power system reliability, Protocols, Scalability, Service oriented architecture, Smart grids, SOA-BPM-based architecture, Web services

The issue of difficult interoperations among existing power systems cause by their heterogeneous hardware platform, developed language and supported communication protocols has hampered the development of power dispatching business, which is one of most important part of smart grid. A flexible, scalable and reliable architecture is required to be designed aiming at developing new functionalities through reusing the available systems. SOA and BPM technologies provide a desirable solution for system architecture. Web Services in SOA encapsulate functions as services to enable system integration. BPM coordinates Web Services to implement business processes while takes business process optimization as its core goal. In this paper, we propose a SOA-BPM-based architecture for intelligent power dispatching system. It is designed to provide flexibility and scalability to the existing power dispatching systems. We explored the requirements of East China Power Dispatching Center and concluded that the proposed design is feasible and is flexible enough to meet the rapidly changing business demands coming from the intelligent power dispatching systems.