CuteFlow: A Refined Modeling-Driven Business Process Designer

TitleCuteFlow: A Refined Modeling-Driven Business Process Designer
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsWenwei T, Beijun S, Cheng C
Conference Name2009 WRI World Congress on Software Engineering
Date Published11/2009
Conference LocationXiamen, China
ISBN Number978-0-7695-3570-8
KeywordsData mining, Design methodology, Engineering management, Engines, Process design, Semiconductor optical amplifiers, Service oriented architecture, Software engineering, Solid modeling, Visualization

Currently in the BPM (Business Process Management) domain, there exist many meta-models which are defined as a set of semantic elements for representing related concepts. Correspondingly, various tools have been developed based on one of those meta-models. However, the more complicated the meta-models are, the more difficult it is to interoperate two heterogeneous models. In the meantime, SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) emerges as a promising solution to the highly efficient integration of enterprises, while MDA (Modeling Driven Architecture) is proceeding rapidly on its way to a high maturity along with the perfection of supporting tools which provides a solid foundation for the implementation. In this paper, we extract a refined meta-model based on the mainstream meta-models. Then, Modeling-Driven roadmap on technology of our modeler is proposed. Finally, we both design and implement a business process modeling tool based on the meta-model following the MDA methodology.