Using xampp with Windows 7 64 Bit

Xampp that I normally use for creating PHP-sites didn't worked at this computer with a 64 bit Windows 7. The Problem is that I needed it to make some changes in the source of a php-site and this with that new computer. First I had to install xampp which I did, but it didn't worked.
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Create an "own package" for the 64 bit Operating Systems

It seems that the actual versions of xampp are for 32bit-versions of Windows operating systems. But after some search in the internet I found the good hint that all the parts of the xampp package are also alone available and I just needed the webserver (apache), php and mysql and all three are available in a 64 bit version.
I've downloaded that three that are normally part of the package, installed them make some changes in the configuration (I found a tutorial on the internet for this) and it worked.