Connect the internet from another PC via network switch

I have network switch to connect my PC and my friends' PC together. By the way, the dormitory provides internet connection by only one device that uses USB port. When we want to connect the internet, we have to plug the USB internet connection provided by the dormitory to one PC and use the internet via network switch. But it does not work. Only the PC that connect to the USB internet connection can connect the internet. How to configure it so that Every PC can connect internet via network switch?
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Create bridge to connect the netwrok

As the internet connection in dormitory is one network group and the network in the room via network switch is another network, we need the bridge to connect it together so that the other PC in the network via network switch can use the internet. The solution is to create the bridge between the dormitory network that provides the internet connection and the network group via network switch. Then, everyone can use internet.