programming with OWL API

-What is OWLAPI -Why we need OWL API -How can we use OWP API -Example
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introduction to OWL API

-What is OWL API: Java API to work in OWL 2.0 DL
-Why we need OWL API:
+The use of a higher level data model can help to
+ insulate us from the vagaries of concrete syntax.
+ make it clear what is happening in terms of functionality.
+ increase the likelyhood of interoperating applications.
-OWL Abstract Syntax
+Provides a definition of the language in terms of the
constructs and assertions allowed.
+Semantics are then defined in terms of this abstract
+Our OWL API data model is based largely on this abstract
syntax presentation.
+Conceptually cleaner.
+Syntax doesn’t get in the way
The following examples serve to illustrate various aspects
of the API and how we might use it.
1. Producing a basic hierarchy
2. Adding Closure Axioms
3. Rendering Alternative Concrete Syntaxes
4. Black Box Debugging
We won’t go into all the details of how these are done
Source for the examples will be available on line (