Share synchronised data between great distances

Several employees, who work together on a single project, shall have the possibility to share and work on data over a great distance. If data are modified by a person, these modifications shall be effective at all other authorised users. We want to find a tool to synchronise data.
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With the set up of a Dropbox-client, a new file folder is created. All stored data are duplicated on a central server. If a file is being modified only the changes are transfered. There is a coding for all data server-sided. Users are not able to create a code for these encryption. Coded data (for example with TrueCrypt) can be synchronised with Dropbox-service. Dropbox-files of all authorized computers are synchronised. It is not necessary that all computers involved are online simultaneosly.
All versions of the files edited are saved and available on the web-interface – even erased data.
To minimize space requirements Dropbox uses de-duplications between various accounts. Thus identical data uploaded by several users have to be saved only once.