geocoding challenge in php

i have two addresses which i can quite easily display within a google map i integrated into my web application. now i would like to calculate the distance of the two addresses. is there any service easily to use which returns the distance i am looking for or i can use to find out if the second address is within a given range from the first one?
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synchronizing with googasync

i found googasync (, a commercial solution, which is not as cheap as i hoped (17,90), but fulfills all my expectations. it also offers a free 14d-trial version, that is fully functional, so it's easy to try the software before buying it. with googasync i can sync not only my main calendar, but also every other one and it offers quite flexilbe synchronizing profiles.


calculating the distance with sql

i just used google maps to get the coordinates of the two addresses and used simple mathematical functions provided by sql to calculate the distance. there are even special geometrical data types in mysql which provide more possibilities working with geographical data.