Searchable Tagging for movies

i was tired of searching to a not very helpful folderstructure to find the movie or the group of movies, i was searching for. so i thought about ways to get better access.
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searchable tagging with nautilus tags-tab extension

my solution for tagging files in ubuntu version 7.10 is the following:

first you have to install the python-nautilus package:

sudo aptitude install python-nautilus

then you have to download “tags-tab”-extension ( )and move it to .nautilus/python-extensions, and you should make the .py and .pyc files executable, without that it didnt work.
then restart Nautilus:
Alt+F2 and type in killall nautilus

now you can start tagging files and folders. Simply right-click on the item you want to tag, go to the “Tag”-tap and insert your tags.
now you can setup searchfolders, go to nautilus click on the search button and type:
Then go to File->Save search