How to sync folders with DropBox more simply !

DropBox is a nice tool and offers many features compared to other web space services. But it offers no advanced synchronization features for your OS. I have many folders such as my Firefox Bookmarks, University Files, etc., which I would like to backup in DropBox in order to use them, always up to date, on my PCs and Laptop. Of course, I could copy each folder manually to my DropBox folder, but that’s not what I call user friendly. I want an more efficient way to manage my synchronizations with DropBox.
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DropBox folder sync Software

The solution is a little Program, for Windows, called “Dropbox Folder Sync”. You can find it on the following Homepage: It’s freeware and only needs an NTFS partition with DropBox installed on it. It works up from Windows XP and only requires .NET framework 4.0.
Once installed, you would be able to Sync/Unsync each folder with an right click on it. “Dropbox Folder Sync” will then copy this folder to your DropBox folder, and create an symbolic link on the same location with the junction utility.