Non-functional Requirements on Web-Application

The allocation of the development of WEB-applications happens by the department (Business). In general the functional requirements are specified in an appropriate way, because they are within the focus of the department. Non-functional requirements usually are not considered. This causes that important quality criteria is not specified. Therefore the following problems can occure (examples): + Problems with the performance (the site-construction lasts for a long time) + Incompatabilities with the used browser + Poor depiction of mobile devices (e.g. Smartphones) + Lack of agreement according business-hours and maintenance- hours + Lack of applications corresponding to their importance insufficient usability Finally additional costs and clients’ unsatisfaction result.
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Non-functional Requirements on Web-Application

On the part of the IT persons responsible a survey with all necessary criteria concerning non-functional requirements e.g. client-system-requirements, service-hours, reaction-time, availability, data-amount, amount of users, etc. was assembled;
This survey considers the IT-point of view.

Because this survey focuses the technical aspects, it was translated into guidelines according to the wording of the department and the level of knowledge regarding IT.
The guidelines were added by a checklist, in order to offer a tool, which ensures the completeness.

For the roll-out the existence of the guideline was communicated to the relevant departments. At this first stage the departments were assisted with the wording of non-functional requirements by the IT-department in addition to the guidelines. In further succession the IT-department could be contacted for questions.