Reading of contents at interactive web-application

A web-application (customer-portal) of the concrete company is hosted externally. In the course of the negotiations concerning a contract-prolongation no agreement could be found. After the failure of the negotiations the provider refuses the publishing of the data, which actually belong to the concrete company. Because this data is of great value for the company, a solution for the reading of this data had to be found. The leading-in to the application happen by user and password. The navigation happens through the menue (button). The customers’ data is nearly stored as a relational-model. A tool is to be searched, which assists the requirements in an optimal way.
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Reading of contents at interactive web-application

There are several possibilities of reading data of websides (eg. php-script). The possibility of user-interaction (automatic button click) appeared as an important factor for the judging of the tools. By means of the modul Selenium IDE (a Modzilla-Firefox-Add-on) it is possible to demonstrate interactions and show them automatically afterwards.
The read data is stored in a MySQL-database in a structured way.

The decision was assisted by because the functionalities from Java could be requested; this know-how is available in the company.