How to Export & Import Web Parts in SharePoint?

Firts of all, I would like to give a difinition of Web Part galary. A Web Part gallery is a central warehouse of Web Parts, where you can locate a specific Web Part when you are creating a Web Part Page. Depending on how your site is configured, up to four different Web Part galleries may be available. If you have the appropriate permissions, you can access the available Web Part galleries on your site by clicking either Browse or Search in the tool pane. After you locate the Web Part that you want, you typically drag it to your Web Part Page ( It should be possible to import a Web Part to other Site (for example, team site). If you have a Web Part which is available in own area. But you want see that this area will be able in another area. Do Users have the ability verz easy import/export Web parts, make it available for example in teams area? Is it certainly possible to export them directly from own Site and import them into a another Site?
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How to Export/Import Web Parts in SharePoint?


1. Go to your part of site which you would like export
2. Select "Export" from the dropdown menu in the upper right. After sellecting "export" you will get a message.
3. Choose "save"-option.
4. Select a location.
5. Click Save.


1. Go to the site in wich would you like to import the web parts.
2. In the Web Part zone that you want to add the Web Part to.
3. Click Add a Web Part.
4. Click Advanced Web Part gallery and options to display the tool pane.
At the top of the tool pane, click the arrow, and then click Import.
5. Click Browse.
6. Locate the Web Part file that you want to import, and then click Open.
7. Click Upload.
8. Select the Web Part zone.
9. Click Add.