How to execute MySQL Statements within JavaScripts with AJAX

Currently i am developing an administration software for a physiotherapy center. Therefor i simply use PHP and MySQL, so XAMPP was a very comfortable solution. As the complexety of the system grows i had to broaden my horizon and find some tricky solutions to achieve the surreal requirements of my employer. People always want everyhing "flexibel", fast, "automatically",... properties which are very hard to reach within a software. So someday i encountered a very hard problem which took me a long time to solve it (although, afterwards it wasn't so difficult). I had to process some data within my database, which was generated and accessed via JavaScript. If someone has programmed a little bit with PHP before, its not that hard to get content of a PHP-Variable within JavaScript, but its not so easy to process some JavaScript-Variables within an MySQL Statement without reloading the page. So a solution had to be found. After hours of internet surfing and talking to some programmers i found it, my holy grail, AJAX.


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