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background tasks rails

for a bulk mailing application written in rails a solution for delivering the mails in the background should be found. the solution should just focus on the actual handling of the background tasks, mail creation and storage etc. is not necessary to be included in the solution. being able to start, stop, pause a task via a web interface would be nice too.

create pdf out of rails

a small internal web app used at a company for event administration. event data is input in to a database via a web form, out of this a html form for event registration for users already registered in the companies contact database. Also needed is a simple way to generate a pdf invitation out of the rails model data, without needing to create an extra document in a word processor or similiar...


other solution to will_paginate:

can used named scopes introduced in rails 2.1


Pagination via Paged Scope

A relatively new alternative to the omnipresent will_paginate is the paged scopes gem at

I just link to the following 3 blog posts by the author which sum up pretty much all of the advantages and uses of this gem.

Part I:
Part II:
Part III:

Installation instructions:
gem sources -a
sudo gem install active_url
sudo gem install subdomain_routes
sudo gem install paged_scopes

And in the environment.rb file for a Rails project:
config.gem "active_url", :source => ""
config.gem "subdomain_routes", :source => ""
config.gem "paged_scopes", :source => ""


Ruby On Rails Pagination

Hi TU Techies! I´m currently working on my first Ruby On Rails applikation. A part of this app is an adress-management userinterface. As the app manages a great amount of adresses there is a search page in the app. I want to display the search results with a google like pagintor. But I don´t really how. Pleas help me!


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