Creating a Typo3 website from a prepared html or css template

 At first we create a html or css template by using an Html Editor or an IDE such as Dreamweaver . We must save this template in the filedmin Folder of the Typo3 installation. Then we open the typo3 backend site. In this section we create pages of our websites by using typo3 menus. and on the right side there is a menu named (Template).we click on it, its being opened the template section of our web site.  Below of this page there is a Setup section and  we click on the pencil icon. It will be opened a page . In this page we write this code:  

  • temp.mainTemplate = TEMPLATE
  • temp.mainTemplate{
  • template = FILE
  • template.file = fileadmin/template/ (your file name).html
  • }
  • page = PAGE
  • page.typeNum = 0
  • page.stylesheet = fileadmin/template/css/yourcssfilename.css
  • page.10 < temp.mainTemplate
  • page.10.workOnSubpart = BODY_CONTENT

    This code is actually not sufficient to create the web site. But at least the beginning... 

Finding the URL of KM Exercise english homepage

There exists no automatic direction button (similar to the one which can be found on top right corner of the KM lecture's homepage) and I handled the problem in this way (I know almost nothing about html, xml and many other IT related topics):

I thought both homepages (Lecture and Exercise) should be organized by the same person or at least in the same way. So I compared URLs of “english homepage” and “german homepage” of the “KM lecture” together. Their difference was just a simple “index.en.html” and I added it to the URL of german homepage of KM exercise.



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