Getting WLAN access with iPhone at the university

I have an account that I use on a Laptop to access the closed TUWIS WLAN. In an Internet browser I enter account and password. Then I have access to the Internet for a limited period of time. On my iPhone the entering of the required data is too cumbersome.
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WLAN access by eduroam

eduroam (education roaming) is an European project to support mobility of researchers and students by giving Internet access at participating universities for all those that have at one university an account. The Vienna University of Technology as a partner in this projects offers eduroam through all hotspots. With my existing account and my password I can authorize at eduroam for an unlimited period of time. I will be connected automatically if a hot spot is in reach. This means of course also if I am going to an another university in Austria or abroad I will have free Internet access (also with my labtop).