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Avoid re-login to eduroam for Linux-machines

As other Linux-users I experience the problem, that I have to re-connect to the eduroam Wireless network every time I restart the laptop or even after waking it up from hibernate or sleep state. In that case I have to re-enter the password although it is set to be already stored along with the other settings for the eduroam connection. While this is not a serious problem it is still cumbersome. My laptop-settings are to go to sleep-mode automatically when the lid is closed to save battery power, so even during one course there might be the necessity to re-authenticate several times. What settings are needed to overcome this problem?

Change the MAC address

To solve the challenge you can :

  • Use a software utility program which is designed to do this (I used SMAC 2.0) and there is also Macshift.
  • Also windows XP adds an option to change the MAC address from the advanced tab in the network properties menu (network properties –> network adapter configure –> advanced)

How to change the MAC address

<p><p>Once I tried to change my PC<span style="mso-bidi-language: AR-SY;">`s </span>Mac address (I had internet access account according to a specific IP address and the MAC address)&nbsp;I tried to use another PC with the same account information but I couldn&rsquo;t because of the Mac address, I had all the account information except the Mac address...</p></p>

Secure the Thomson TG585

<p>The Thomson TG585 v7 provided by the Telekom Austria (with a branded firmware) is delivered with system access from every user registered with the modem by wlan or lan. The problem is that the modem knows a default-user (with default-privileges) who can get system access without any password. This user can add other users with passwords, but his own password is still blank so everone in the network is able to have access to the system of the modem. You can also not delete this default-user or make another user with real admin privileges.</p><p>Additionally some plugins like "Identification of invaders" are turned off and cannot be turned on by clicking a button or cannot be accessed.</p>

configure an access point

<p>Last time I wanted to install / configure my wlan router at home. Because I have never done it, it was a really challenge for me. However I did it.</p>

DSL was not working

<p>Tini suffered from the problem that her DSL-connection was not working. The telephone worked fine but the internet didn't function at all. It had been down for a couple of hours.</p>

How to configure your mobile phone as a modem to internet

Your computer don't have internet connection. Your mobile phone have. U can connect your phone to your laptop by cable, infrared port or bluetooth. How do you make your mobile phone works as a modem ?

Sharing Internet via Mac OS Leopard to other computers

<p>This is probably a most frequent challenge for Mac users as many students in Vienna are using Internet connection form Chello at their home. It is not possible to several computers at the same time to connect to a modem. When using a Mac Computer, you may connect to the Internet only through ethernet slot. Moreover, you will need to register your computer's ethernet-ID with your provider (Chello) in order to access Internet. It is different when using Windows, where users can simply just install required modem driver to a computer. When using Windows,there is no difference in kind of computer one uses. What is needed is to only install a modem driver. Whereas on Mac OS, it will not be sufficient, because your Internet access is only valid to that computer, which Ethernet-ID is registered to Chello (Internet provider).</p>

Getting WLAN access with iPhone at the university

I have an account that I use on a Laptop to access the closed TUWIS WLAN. In an Internet browser I enter account and password. Then I have access to the Internet for a limited period of time. On my iPhone the entering of the required data is too cumbersome.
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