Command-line access to REST endpoints

There is a web application that offers and interface via REST-endpoints for remote access and control. I have a Linux box as my main central tool, and I am used to the "command line" way of working. How would I access the web-acpplication using command line?
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Using the linux command line tool "curl" for accessing REST endpoints

So here is one way to do it (on an Ubuntu box):

1. Open a terminal
2. Install "curl": sudo apt-get install curl
3. Find out the web-adresses of your respective REST services and their needed inputs
4. Issue the following (exemplary) command:
curl -v -s -H "X-Requested-Auth: Digest" --digest -u your_remotesystem_account:theverygoodpassword --form-string "workflowDefinitionId=full" -F "" &
5. Play around a bit to get the syntax/inputs right, check if the status of your webapp has changed, if not, retry
6. Be happy ;)