Automated remote backups in Linux

A lot of data is stored on publicly available drives/shares. These consist a definite value and need to be secured to pertain their value in case of service interruption or the like. So a reliably tool is required, which automates this daily task without user invention. What are recommendations in this area?
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Use rsync and duplicity together with ssh-keys for remote secure backup

On Ubuntu:


  • sudo apt-get install rsync
  • sudo apt-get install duplicity


  • Create your ssh-key key pair (public/private).
  • Copy the public key to the remote server and add it to the authorized_keys section there
  • rsync -avz *
  • duplicity --verbosity info --allow-source-mismatch /data/to/backup/securly/also/with/encrypted/transfer/ rsync://

    To automate this with periodic execution, use "crontab"-entries, and/or add logic process functionality by using shell scripts.

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