How to draw BPMN diagrams easily?

We successfully defined a process, and now want to model it in some form of collaboration. Since BPMN diagrams have a given form and allow only a set of shapes, using services like Google Draw might not be sufficient or practical. We also need to have a way to share the diagram or to be able to transfer it in an easy way.
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Online drawing

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How to draw BPMN diagrams easily?

There is a BPMN - platform called Camunda, which is shipped with a Tomcat installation. The tool itself is really good and includes an execution engine too. However for this challenge we only need diagrams and collaboration. Well, is an online, lightweight, JavaScript version of Camunda Modeler, and its free to use. The diagrams are downloadable as Vectorgraphic images or as .bpmn file (in an XML notation), so transferring them is easy too.

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