How to create an online poll

<p>Many voting systems are not easy to use and need alot of time to get them work,polls are necessary to get real information about a specific subject from the targeted people..This is an easy free mothed to create, manage and share polls using Google Docs</p>
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Create an online poll


  • Click New>Spreadsheet in Google Docs.
  • Click the “share” tab, and then title your poll.
  • Select “invite” to invite people to fill out the form.
  • Create the form with your possible answers.
  • Put in however many choices you want people to have.
  • Add Help text if you want.
  • Question Type: You can choose from text, paragraph text, multiple choice
  • I populated with numbers, so I could get the Spreadsheet application to interpret the data.
  • Choose recipients… either by adding your contact list… or giving out the URL to others.
  • Set up a formula to interpret and see your data.
  • In the next available column, type: =countif(B2:B500, 1) (this is just an example… use the proper rows and columns from your particular sheet).
  • Continue to make formulas for each of your answer possibility. For my second one, the formula was: =countif(B2:B500, 2)
  • I then wanted to create a chart to show my data. I entered another formula (C2:C4) and clicked the Chart button.
  • Choose the type of chart, and what cells you want the chart to graph for you.
  • Title your Chart, and choose your axis points.
  • If you want, you can format the number cells to hide them. I just made the font white, so it didn’t show.
  • Now I’m ready to publish my chart with the poll results. You can even choose to automatically re-publish and update every five minutes… and then share the link via RSS feed, or URL.



Use doodle for online polling

There is the webpage, which is built for online polling. You can use it for setting up an appointment between several people, but also to choose between different things e.g. movies, restaurants etc.It is easy to use, with options to get notifications when people set their choice.


Create an online Poll

  • To create a poll in the internet, you can use the polls feature in Google Docs.
  • Google Docs offer a simple method to create your polls, share them with the public and view and analyze the results.
  • To create a poll in Google Docs you have to own a Google account. Everybody can sign up for a free Google account at
  • Then follow these steps:
  1. From your google account go to Documents (under Then go to "Create New->Spreadsheet". This speadsheet will contain the poll results in the columns. 
  2.  Go to Menu "Form->create a new Form". This form will contain the poll questions. Give a title for the poll in "Form Title".
  3.  Add the question to your polls using "Add Item->Multiple Choice" (or other items). For each question you can specify the title of the question and the choices to choose from (in addition to a help text for explanations, etc.).
  4.  When you are done with the form and the questions click "Save"
  5.  To share the poll, you have two choices:
    • 5.1. To send it by email to the target people: this is in case you know their email addresses. To do this click on "Email this Form".
    • 5.2. To publish it as a URL in the internet: you get the URL from the link in the bottom of the page.