Problems with installing Bugzilla on the Windows

Bugzilla is a web-based general-purpose bug tracking system and testing tool. This program allows keeping track of outstanding problems during the development of some software products. Unfortunately, the installation process of this program is not so trivial as I would like to. The installation is command-line based and require some additional software and modules. If you want to use a Bugzilla server you need to have some compatible database management system (like MySQL, SQLite, Oracle, PostgreSQL), a suitable release of Perl 5, some special Perl modules, a compatible web server. On the official webpage ( ) you can find an instruction on how to install it. I am using Windows and wanted to install it but I have faced some problems during installation. I was trying to follow all instructions on the home web page, but obviously, I am doing something wrong and I cannot successfully run it. Whole the time when I am starting my Bugzilla server I am getting an error and cannot start the server at all. Is there are a more detailed guide or some easier way to install Bugzilla server on Windows?
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I had that problem myself recently.. But for me it was a little more tricky.
While XAMPP is an excellent solution for windows (anyone who ever had to install php and apache on windows is glad, that XAMPP exists), for me that was not all there was to it.
I also had to install another version of perl because the default perl version of XAMPP did not do the trick. I used the following guide, that still worked for me, even though it's almost two years old:

Unfortunately, there is no full automated setup Wizard to install this software "with only a few clicks", at least at the time I could not find any. The installation process consists really of a lot of steps and requires some additional software on your computer, that's why, perhaps, it still doesn't have a compact installation wizard. One of the possible reasons could be that the database was installed and configured in the wrong way. I was trying to use SQLite, because it looks to be the easiest way and doesn't require any additional configuration but also faced a similar problem that I couldn't start my Bugzilla server. In general, I would like to suggest to use XAMPP. It is a bundle of software packages that are frequently used to run web applications. The name is an abbreviation to Crossplatform Apache MySQL/MariaDB PHP Perl, so it includes almost all you need to install and run Bugzilla. Just find some guide online how to install Bugzilla with XAMPP and try it. It is especially useful because this App allows you to start your Apache web server and your database only with a few clicks so after you just need to start your Bugzilla server and that's it