Cannot connect to demote desktop after Docker installation

I have tried to install Docker Desktop on a company PC while working from home, where I followed the instructions and clicked the big restart button after the installation was complete. The computer shut itself down and was supposed to restart, I couldn’t connect via remote desktop.
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My first thought was, that the PC didn’t start. As it was late in the evening, I couldn’t ask any coworker, so I waited till the next day. In the morning, I went to work, where I found that the PC, contrary to my suspicion, was running. But the PC didn’t have any connection to the internet. I tried to run the troubleshooting program offered on any Windows device, but it didn’t give me any results. As the problem occurred after installing Docker, I tried to uninstall it again, but not to my luck, my PC still had no connection to the Internet. After consolidating with a colleague, we discovered that the IP address of the PC was deleted. Therefore, I needed to reconfigure the network interface on my PC, so I can work with the internet and use remote desktop again.